Through the eyes of a stranger.

First thing after holidays, we only got to work one day of the week in the project. It was nice, though, we got to get a good rest during the holidays and recharge batteries to come back full of energy and wanting to work on this.

Since it was only a day, there’s not much to say.

We got to apply the User Persona tool to actually get to know better of our users, the interviewees from a couple of weeks ago, and made them a profile to actually understand better these “entities” that play an important role in our project.

Normally, this tool is more of a synthesis tool, given the steps one takes to make the profile:

  • Field research (with the technique of your choice)
  • Analysis of the identified patterns
  • Synthesis of the results in various user profiles
  • Making a form for every “fictional” character (inspired in real people) with some picture, name, description of their daily activities, some of their quotes, their motivations, their objectives, their frustrations, their “biography”, personality, etc.
  • Synthesize the findings

In our case, since we only did two interviews, there was not much synthesis work to be done, still I imagine it’s a very useful tool when you actually use it correctly. Anyway, I understood why we did it, even though the majority of the group did no more than 5–7 interviews, it was so we got to know the tool and actually know how to use it, maybe practice using it.

With that in mind, we did the User Persona profiles based on some format from Uncommon, a mexican design office that does strategic design.

The fields to fill in on the format contained stuff like the name (which cannot be the real name of someone you interviewed), their age or age range, their occupation, their passtimes or hobbies and what do they aspire to.

To do this, we had to check some of our notes from the interviews, but in the end, we finished pretty quick and everything was okay.

I think that’s all for this entry, it’s short, but our week was also short.

About what I learned, I think I summed it up pretty well above, but it was mostly about this tool, it’s effectiveness and some observationsabout how it might not be such a big of a deal in this projecto due to the circumstances, but still I think is a powerful tool. Maybe I wish we could’ve used it better.

Aside from that, I think it kinda helped us look into details we didn’t see before and that maybe we could use later, those little details that apparently don’t matter, but actually do matter because they tell us things about our users that are more subtle and can make a big difference on the final idea.

I´m a mexican design student from the School of Design of The National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (EDINBA)